Nursing Care Services At Home

Home Nursing Care Services

We provide home nurse care at your doorsteps.Our female and male nurses provide injection,IV cannula,IV drips /infusion at the comfort of your own home.Our home nursing care is one of the key services of Home Nurse services.We understand emotional trauma the patient and family goes through during the hospitalization. With best in class nurse care services, we ensure that patient’s health is equally taken care of by Live-in-home nurse without any compromises.
You can get a dedicated  team of nursing professionals, supported by doctors, to be able to avail 24 x 7 nursing care in your own homes. Our team of home care nurse will help the patient rehabilitate faster by all necessary medical support through various nursing procedures like tracheostomy care and suctioning,foley –  urinary catheterization, postoperation dressing changing, wound dressing, bed sore dressing , injections, IV infusions, IV cannula insertion, vaccination, Oxygen Administration (BiPAP / CPAP / Ventilator) etc.
Book an appointment now with us for a free consultation, if you are looking for the best home care nursing services for your patient or elderly. Our special team; will visit you for detailed assessment of patient’s medical condition and access the level of nursing support along with medical equipment that he/she needs at home.
There are a lot of  advantages to home nursing  care. Besides being convenient than getting admitted in a hospital or nursing home, the nursing care services  at home also helps an early recovery of the  patient because of home comfort and presence of the patient’s loved ones.Its all  by skilled nursing care in the comfort of your home.
Nursing care at home also helps in managing chronic health conditions such as chronic kidney disease,chronic liver disease.chronic heart diseases,chronic obstructive pulmonary disease,stroke patients,paralysis patients, to avoid unnecessary hospitalization.Home care nursing services can also help in providing recovery care at home following a hospital stay for illness or injury.Home nurses focus on a single patient,therefore a patient gets special care and support by a nurse.Clients have best  health outcomes.It provides a  better  medication management.

Nursing Intervention At Home By A Nurse

Patient Care Services At Home
Intensive Care

Care on Ventilator, CPAP/BiPAP Care, Cardiac Monitoring, Oxygen Administration, Tracheostomy Care

Nasogastric Tube Administration

Nasogastric Tube Change, Nasogastric Tube Care, Nasogastric Tube Feeding,

patient-with-iv-line-3845126 (1)

IV Cannula Insertion, Intravenous Injections, Intramuscular Injections, Subcutaneous Injections.

Urinary Catheterization

Urinary Catheter Change, Urinary Catheterization Care, External Catheterization,

Dressing At Home

Wound Dressing, Postoperative Dressing, Burns Dressing, Bed Sore & diabetic foot Dressing,

Doctor examining  patient obesity on light background
Vital Signs Monitoring

Blood Pressure Monitoring, Temprature,Pulse,Respiration, Spo2 & Sugar Monitoring.

When do you need nursing services at home?

Post Surgical Care at home

After surgery,it can be minimized post-operative complications and to support the patient's rehabilitation process.For this we can provide a round-the-clock nursing care services at home.

Post Hospitalization Care

We can help you to stabilize and regain physical,mental and sensory function of your patient after discharged from hospital.We also have a rehabilitation plan and bedridden plan for patient.

Disease-Specific care

Some medical conditions needs qualified nursing care like Heart diseases,DM, Dementia, including Alzheimer’s disease, Depression, Arthritis, Osteoporosis& frequent fall

Critical / ICU Level Care

Patient recovered from ICU in hospital but they needs to be extended with critical support. We provide highly cost-effective intensive care unit like care services at your own home.

FAQs On Nursing Care services At Home

Home care nursing is providing medical care for patients in their homes. Home nurses provide  specialized services such as wound care,  medication management,  and IV therapy, Nasogastric tube care, urinary catheterization care, tracheostomy care, oxygen administration etc.

Reduced Re-admissions and personalized, Reduced risk of Infections, Companionship, Decisive Medical Support

You can get nursing care services  at home online or by calling our care helpline number. According with your needs, you can decide what kind of services you required. And based on your medical advice, a qualified and trained nurse will be appointed for your services.

Yes! we provide a short visit at home,for Iv drip,injection therapy,wound dressing and others according to the patient’s needs and advice.

Home Patient care Service costs depend on the Care you need. It will depend upon the duration and nature of the services. We can tell you  after assessment of your home care needs.A short visit by the nurse will cost you as low as Rs.600 and goes as high as Rs. 3000/- per day