Best Free Medical Apps For Doctors & Patients

A Journey of Illness TO Wellness

Step-1(At Illness)

Best free medical apps for doctor & Patients mostly use in USA. Patient should have a Symptoms checker which Included, Age, Gender, weight ,blood pressure, pulse, temperature, respiratory rate ,blood sugar random or fasting, conscious level, any problem in urination (e.g) urine color ,loose stool or constipation or any blood in stool, any blood total cholesterol, renal function test, liver function test, past clinical history, medicines if taking for some disease, Skin colors, any swelling on feet, hands, or swelling around the eyes, Pain any part of the body ,tenderness etc. psychological tests. Currently Coronavirus situation symptoms must include about COVID-19 symptoms also.

Best Medical Apps For Patients

App NameUsageCountry in which
mostly used
Ada – your health companionSymptoms CheckerUSAFree
Ada – your health companionSymptoms CheckerUSAFree
WebMD: Symptoms, Rx, & DoctorsSymptoms CheckerUSAFree
Symptomate – Symptom checkerSymptoms CheckerUSAFree
K Health | Telehealth & AI Symptom CheckerSymptoms CheckerUSAFree
COVID Symptom StudySymptoms CheckerUSAFree
Symptom Tracker & Medicine, Health Symptoms DiarySymptoms CheckerUSAFree
🇺🇸Diagnosis Medical AppSymptoms CheckerUSAFree
Healthily by Your.MD – Self-Care & Health JournalSymptoms CheckerUSAFree
Bearable – Symptoms & Mood trackerSymptoms CheckerUSAFree
mySymptoms Food Diary & Symptom Tracker (Lite)Symptoms CheckerUSAFree
UpToDateSymptoms CheckerUSAFree
Sharecare: Health & Well-beingSymptoms CheckerUSAFree

Step-2(Choosing a right doctor according to illness)
Patients Need

Patients need to choose the right specialty according to his/her  illness to save money & time. They can choose a right doctor by a good and complete symptoms checker tool.

woman having a video call

Best Free Medical apps for Patients

App NameUsageCountry in which
mostly used
BetterDoctorFind a doctorUSAFree
ZocDochelps patients schedule an appointmentUSAFree
Sherpaaprovide real-time medical adviceUSAFree
FollowMyHealth MobileSymptoms Checker & appointment & bill paymentUSAFree
Doctor On DemandOnline Doctor ConsultationUSAFree
HealthTapOnline Doctor ConsultationUSAFree
LiveHealth OnlineOnline Doctor ConsultationUSAFree
PagerOnline Doctor ConsultationUSAFree
AmwellOnline Doctor ConsultationUSAFree
Dispatch Healthemergency home health care serviceUSAFree
SkyMD: See a Doctor NowOnline dermatologistUSAFree
FairCareprovide cost of careUSAFree

Step-3(At hospital/clinic)
Doctor & Other Health Professionals Need

A patient gets a visit to the doctor the doctor needs some app to diagnose and make a treatment plan.
e.g Dosage calculator, Drug interaction ,indications checker, measuring the dose of IV fluids, Laboratory investigation checker, an accurate diagnosis tool.
Doctors should have an app to create a multispecialty group. In which they can discuss about a patient that has multiple diseases.
Doctors & other health professionals need an app that provides a facility to collect and save all patient informative data. Patient Data should be available for download, enabling them to access their medical records by smartphone or does allow physicians and other staff to  view test results and medical history

unrecognizable african american scientist studying anatomy with tablet

Best apps for Doctors & Other Health Professionals

App NameUsageCountry in which
mostly used
Isabelhelping doctors get to the right diagnosisUSAFree
Medscapemedications and dosing guidelines for health professionalsUSAFree
Know My Patientpatient information for nursesUSAFree

Nursing Central
Drugs & Medical terminologyUSAFree
Patient IOCommunication among health professionalsUSAFree
referralMDreferral network communication between primary care physicians and specialistsUSAFree
The Sanford Guide to Antimicrobial Therapyprovide real-time medical advice
Touch SurgeryFor surgical trainees to Prepare for surgical cases or learn new proceduresUSAFree
TwineTwine helps clinicians provide continuous care to chronically ill patients through their devices,USAFree
Burnout ProofFor how to handle stress and feelings of burnout in healthcare settings.USAFree
CareConnectpediatric-specific telemedicine appUSAFree
DocphinMultispecialist communicationUSAFree
EpocratesMedical reference appUSAFree
EverseatMaking healthcare appointmentsUSAFree
Formulary Searchup-to-date Medicare formularies and more than 6,000 U.S. health plans,USAFree
VirtaTreatment plan for Type 2 diabetesUSAFree
Dermatology Atlas & Skin InfectionsFor diagnosing skin diseasesUSAFree
Dermatology Made EasyTo learn DermatologyUSAFree
IDdx: Infectious Disease Queriesmatching infectious diseases by picking disease search criteria.USAFree
AAP Red BookPediatric diagnosisUSA$124.99
Pediatric diagnosisUSA$29.99
Lexi-DrugsAll informations about drugs,USA$75.00/year
Johns Hopkins
 Abx Guide
Medical Evidence-based recommendationsUSA$29.99/year
ECG Heart Rate CalculatorTo read ECGUSAFree
Anesthesiology pocketcardsclinical reference & dosage information necessary for the anesthesiologist’s environment.USA$4.99
Drug InfusionFor calculation of Drug InfusionUSAFree
MediquationsMedical CalculatorUSA$4.99
DynaMedDiagnostic tool for physiciansUSAFree
Gynecology and ObstetricsGynecology and Obstetrics diagnosisUSAFree

Step-4(After hospitalization/clinic)
Patients & Doctors Need

After hospitalization or going back from clinic  when a patient goes back home, the most important thing is communication between doctor and patient.
They need an app to make communication easy. That app may include patient’s treating history, all investigation, daily vital signs, intake output  monitoring charts that are accessible for doctors.
Patient Data should be available for  download, enabling them to access their medical records by smartphone or tablet, it does allow patients to communicate with their physicians, view test results and medical history, manage appointments, upload health and fitness data and pay bills also.
Patient need an app to get information about medicines e.g how to take a medicines before or after meal ,timing etc
Patients need an app that provide facility for home nursing care for nursing procedures.
Patients need an app that provides diet plans.
Patients need an app that guides them about physical therapy.
Patients need an app for demanding  health care staff like nurses, caregiver for minor procedures

man having a video chat while in isolation

Best Free Medical apps for Doctors & Patients

App NameUsageCountry in which
mostly used
HealthLoopDoctor & patient communicationUSAFree
Human DxKeeping Patient recordUSAFree
Figure 1keeping Patient recordCanadaFree
Healowkeeping Patient recordUSAFree
MedigramCommunication between doctor and patientUSAFree
MedisafeMedicines reminderUSAFree
MyChartkeeping Patient recordUSAFree
PediaQHome medical careUSAFree
PillPackMedicines Home deliveryUSAFree
Post Discharge Treatment and Readmission PredictorAdvised on dischargeUSAFree
RevUpAdvised on dischargeUSAFree
TeladocYouPlus mobile app provides daily lifestyle
coaching to make healthy living easier.
AskMDpersonal health history portalUSAFree
Blue StarFDA-cleared mobile app for type 2 diabetes patientsUSAFree
CareZonePatient record keeperUSAFree
OB Wheel (Pregnancy calculator)Pregnancy due date calculatorUSAFree
Pregnancy WheelPregnancy Wheel is an app used to calculate the dates of deliveryUSAFree
Lifesum – Diet Plan, Macro Calculator & Food DiaryDiet plansUSAFree
MTBC PHRPersonal Health RecordUSAFree
Pain Therapy: Exercise VideosPhysical TherapyUSA$2.99
SeamlessMDDoctor & patient communicationUSAFree
TapCloud HealthAmie is a virtual surgical assistant who supports
patients with real-time instructions and guidance to help prepare for surgery and recover properly.


I have searched many free medical application but I did not find a single application that provides all remote medical facilities to a patient.
A journey of  illness to wellness requires a comprehensive medical app that provides all the needs of patients & health care staff is not available yet.
There is a gap and we can fill it by making such comprehensive apps that fulfill the needs of patients and health professionals. 
We should work for the following suggestions to make a free medical apps
1-We should create a symptoms checker that include all patients need (mentioned in step-1).We should design a Symptom checker we must keep in mind the symptoms of COVID-19
2-We should choose a doctor for patient’s illness
3-We should know about the use of medicines e.g timing, before or after meal, drug interactions
4-We should avoid communication gaps between doctor & patient (Med app will make communication between doctor & patient in the form of daily monitoring charts) 
5-We should keep a proper record of patient medical diagnosis history & investigation
6-We should create a multispecialty group to discuss a patient that has multiple diseases.
7-We should provide different medical calculator for health professionals
8-App may be used for hospitals/clinics  or any institution also. but all have access according to their need.
9-App must include instructions about infection control awareness
10-App include instructions for pre & post surgical procedures
11-App must provide a secure data method for the  privacy of patients. 
12.We should include preventive measures for diseases and infections
13. Apps should provide a check list of all aspects to monitor health on a regular basis before illness. 

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